KPO: Expanding partnership with local suppliers

Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V. (KPO) held a working meeting in Astana with the representatives of the Union of Oilfield Service Companies of Kazakhstan — KAZSERVICE, which was attended by about 30 Kazakhstani and international companies.

Welcoming the participants of the meeting, the president of the Union of Oilfield Service Companies of Kazakhstan, Rashid Zhaksylykov, noted that “KPO is one of the leading oil and gas companies of the country. KPO has the best local content performance of all three major operators. We thank you for your cooperation.”

Greeting the participants of the informal meeting, KPO General Director Renato Maroli, said: “First of all, let me express my gratitude for the invitation to this event. KPO views its obligations in the area of local capacity development as an integral part of its activities. The company contributes to the development of local suppliers of goods and services, implements a number of projects in support of the local production”.

During the working meeting, KPO Project Execution Director, Robert Shelton, and KPO Project Development Director, John Oliver, spoke about the current status of the KPC Gas De-bottlenecking project (KGDBN) and the Karachaganak Expansion Project (KEP1).

Further development of the Karachaganak field is connected to the implementation of the project of expansion of the Karachaganak field capacity, which is planned in stages. Implementation of KEP will provide an opportunity for additional revenue for KPO Parent Companies and the Republic of Kazakhstan until the end of validity of the Final Production Sharing Agreement (FPSA) and the field life.

Both projects will contribute to the sustainable development of the local supplies network, along with technology transfer through creation of joint ventures between interested local and international companies.

The participants also received answers to their questions on the company’s process of procurement of the goods, works and services from the representatives of KPO.

At the end of the meeting, all participants exchanged business cards. In turn, representatives of local companies expressed their confidence that such meetings are very important, and may in future grow into mutually beneficial contracts.

KPO is one of the first companies in Kazakhstan, which has successfully implemented the Local Content Development programme. To date, over 3,800 Kazakhstani vendors are registered in the KPO database. For the first half of 2016 the share of Local Content in contracts for the supply of goods and services awarded by the company exceeded 49%, which in monetary terms equals to about $280 million. Since the signing of the FPSA in 1997, the share of Local Content as a whole exceeded $5.7 billion.